Transgender news

Transgender people in Tonga pushes for visibility

May 4, 2018 Maki 0

Transgender people in Tonga are locally known as ‘kafaleiti’ or ‘leiti’ which roughly means lady-like and refer to people who dress or behave in a feminine way but identify neither as male or female. Transgender […]

Transgender news

Transgender-only school soon to rise in Pakistan

May 3, 2018 Maki 0

Exploring Future Foundation (EFF) founded the school in Lahore, the nation’s capital city, with the hope of providing training and skills development for transgender people. To be formally launched in an opening ceremony on April […]

Transgender news

Boston Marathon is now open to transgender runners

April 29, 2018 Maki 0

Was held last April 16, the marathon’s organizers announced that they are now allowing transgender athletes who qualify to join in the category that matches their gender identity. At least three transgender athletes have confirmed […]

Transgender news

Olympic medallist comes out as transgender

April 26, 2018 Maki 0

Previously known to many as Wilfrid Forgues, Sandra Forgues is an Olympic athlete that won a gold medal in the C-2 canoe event at the 1996 Summer Olympics held at Atlanta. She said that she […]