Transgender news

Ukraine to improve gender recognition legal procedures

January 31, 2017 Cyril 0

Human Rights Watch (HRW) recently published an article on the new changes in Ukraine’s procedures to recognise gender identity for transgender people. Historically in Ukraine, transgender people who wanted to change their official gender had […]

Transgender news

US transgender teen sued by her own Mom

January 29, 2017 Cyril 0

In Minnesota, USA, a mother is suing her own 17 years old transgender daughter after learning she started to seek gender reassignment care. The improbable case unfolded last Thursday at the U.S. District Court in St. […]

Transgender entertainment articles

10 transgender people who made headlines in 2016

January 26, 2017 Maki 0

There were a lot of news relating to transgender people in 2016, many of which made the headlines, and surely this list could be longer, however, we have chosen 10 transgender people who did not just […]

Transgender news

Police cancels transgender cultural event in Indonesia

January 23, 2017 Cyril 0

The South Sulawesi Police cancelled a Bugis cultural event involving transgender participants, last Thursday, apparently under the pressure of a Muslim group. The event was set to take place in the Soppeng Regency from January 19 to 22, […]