Famous photographer’s son registers as transgender in Japan

Sascha Bailey is seen with his partner Lucy Brown who he met before leaving Japan. Image credits to Bang Showbiz.
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The 29-year-old son of renowned photographer David Bailey shared his experience of exploring transgender identity while residing in Tokyo. Sascha, who is an accomplished art curator and the youngest son of photographer David Bailey and Catherine Dyer, embarked on this self-discovery following his separation from wife Mimi Nishikawa whom he was married to for 10 years.

While he was still residing in Japan, Sascha contemplated transitioning into a woman. He revealed to the Daily Mail’s Eden Confidential column, ” I ended up going trans before I left Japan. Before I left, I lost it completely and I thought I wanted to be female.

According to Sascha, during this time of contemplation, he developed an alter ego named ‘Sue’, who he claims was a protective persona due to trauma. This alter ego made him think he wanted to transition.

He went on to reveal that he was “diagnosed” as transgender and was prescribed hormones by his doctor. But, he didn’t ever start taking HRT. Sascha added: “I didn’t do anything, not even hormones. But I was prescribed them, I still have the doctor’s notes and the [prescription] box.”

After a decade of marriage, the couple called it quits. Sascha split from lawyer Mimi in 2022 and is now dating a woman named Lucy Brown. He met Lucy online before leaving Japan.

His father, 86-year-old David Bailey, renowned for his iconic work, publicly disclosed his diagnosis of vascular dementia in 2021. The famous photographer expressed, “I’ve got vascular dementia. I was diagnosed about three years ago.”

In a candid admission to The Times newspaper, Bailey shared, “I’ve got vascular dementia. I was diagnosed about three years ago. It’s a… bore but it’s just one of those things.” Despite the impact on his memory, Bailey finds a unique perspective in his condition, noting that it doesn’t seem to affect his professional work.

Vascular dementia has brought about changes in his cognition, including confusion, slow thinking, and alterations in mood or behavior. Bailey expressed, “You make the most of every day because there might not be a tomorrow,” embodying a resilient spirit in the face of life’s challenges.

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