Transgender news

Study reveals transgenderism is biology

April 8, 2018 Maki 0

Researchers from the University of Sao Paulo’s medical school gathered data by comparing the brain structure of people who identified as transgender and cisgender. In particular, they discovered that the volume of the insula, a […]

Transgender news

First transgender mass held in Cuba

March 16, 2018 Maki 0

Transgender pastors held a religious service in the chapel in the western Cuban city of Matanzas, a first in the communist-ruled country. It was the highlight of three-day conference organized by the Matanzas-based branch of […]

Transgender news

Transgender player debuts in Brazil volleyball league

December 31, 2017 Maki 1

Tiffany Abreu became the first transgender volleyball athlete to join Brazil’s Superliga, the country’s top volleyball tournament for women after securing permission from International Volleyball Federation. Brazil’s national team coach said there is no reason […]