9 famous transgender Youtubers

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There are so many beautiful and talented transgender people who share their stories on Youtube. Stories like their coming out, their transitioning process, the results from their HRT and surgeries. There are even brave trans people who fearlessly share their most personal stories like relationships with families and friends, and also intimate topics like love and sex. Aside from sharing their life as a transgender person, they also share their talents like make up skills, fashion expertise, playing guitars and even health and fitness topic. We have picked amazing trans people who are popular on Youtube. Let’s get started!

1.Gigi Gorgeous

Gigi is a transgender woman who shares her make up skills and her fashion styles on her Youtube channel. She loves to share tips based on the products that she is using, specially make up and beauty products. She basically nails in giving tips on how to look gorgeous! Gigi openly shares her life story from coming out as a gay guy, then later transitioning to a transgender woman.

2. TheRealAlexBertie

Is a transgender man from the UK who shares his life as a a trans man. He shares his coming out and his transformation from female to male, which includes taking testosterone and surgeries. He shares his hobbies and even his relationships. He also make videos of the LGBT events that he attended.

3. Princess Joules

Also known as Julie Vu, is a Canadian trans woman. Just like Gigi, she loves to share make up tips and fashion trends on her Youtube channel. Aside from giving make up tutorials and feedbacks on the products that she is using, she also openly shares her opinions about LGBT issues and concerns.

4. Justin Blake

Is a trans man who shares his transition from female to male. On his video you will see the results of his transition and his thoughts and feelings about it.

5. Stef Sanjati

Is a transgender woman from a Canada and a professional make up artist. She talks about her transition from male to female, and she gives updates on her HRT process. Stef even answers questions that are trans related. As a make up artist she is not failing you to share some make up tutorials.

6. Elena Genevinne

Is a transgender woman who is very outspoken, and shares her random experiences on her channel. She gives you updates on her HRT process and even gives you honest results about it. Great thing about this girl is that she is not afraid of sharing her almost day to day life on her channel.

7. Ty Turner

Is a transgender man who makes crazy random videos alone or together with his friends that he shares on his Youtube channel. His videos also include his travels, work out at the gym, and even pranks. He does also talk about his transition and other trans related topics.

8. Nikita Dragun

Is a transgender woman who also loves make-up and shares her make up skills on her channel. She also made videos about her transformation from male to female, that includes a couple of surgeries that she had.

9. Skylarkeleven

Is transgender man from USA who shares his life being a transgender man, and that includes his transition from female to male. Aside from talking about trans related topics, he also shares some random videos of his cat and even his talent in playing guitar.

Check more of their videos on Youtube and I am sure this will be a big help for you to get more educated about transgender topics and helpful tips that can be useful for you, whether you are a cis or trans viewer. It is great to see trans people making their story available online so for other people have a way to hear and watch real stories from real trans people. This is such a great way to learn more about transgender life and the issues and concerns that trans people are facing. These transgender Youtubers surely rocks!

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  1. Thanks for sharing these. There are some corrections needed in some of the descriptions that say “male to female” when it should say “female to male”.

  2. I’m trying to identify a trans personality who I saw in a medical ad on YouTube. It was clicked off of too fast and I don’t even know what the ad was for. I am not even sure how this person identifies but they were handsome in a feminine way, short hair, cool earrings, talking about finding a clinic and their story. Help me identify them or the ad please!

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