Transgender man in Italy surprises doctors with unexpected 5-month pregnancy

The transgender man was due for a hysterectomy when doctors found out he was actually 5-months pregnant.
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In a groundbreaking and unexpected turn of events, a transgender man in Italy, identified as Marco, who had undergone breast removal surgery and was in the process of a sex change, has been found to be five months pregnant. This extraordinary case, a first of its kind in Italy, places Marco among the rare group known as “seahorse dads.”

Marco had already undergone mastectomy (surgical breast removal) and was on the path to a uterus removal (hysterectomy) when the surprising pregnancy was discovered at a hospital in Rome, according to a report by New York Post. La Republica was the first to report this unusual medical scenario, highlighting that while Marco will be the child’s biological mother, legal registration will designate him as the father.

Endocrinologist Dr. Giulia Senofonte expressed concern for the fetus, cautioning that the hormone therapy, which was originally intended to facilitate Marco’s gender transition, should be immediately suspended. She emphasized the potential risks, particularly during the crucial first trimester of pregnancy, which is vital for the baby’s organ development.

Dr. Senofonte explained that while hormone therapy blocks the menstrual cycle, it does not serve as a contraceptive. Therefore, individuals undergoing this therapy may still ovulate, putting them at risk of pregnancy. To mitigate such risks, contraceptives that align with the ongoing therapy can be used by those undergoing sex change procedures.

The term “seahorse dads” is applied to transgender men who experience pregnancy, drawing an analogy to male seahorses that carry and give birth to their offspring. This extraordinary case challenges traditional notions of parenthood and underscores the complexities surrounding reproductive health in the transgender community.

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