Indonesia includes trans community in ID distribution and voting

The transgender community will receive their National IDs in time for the national and local elections in Indonesia. Photo credit to the Biometric Update website.
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Indonesia is making positive changes to give more freedom to its people, especially when it comes to being transgender.

Everyone, including transgender citizens and minority religious groups, can be part of the national identification system. The inclusion of these minority groups is a big stride in Indonesia’s step towards inclusivity. Smaller religious groups can even update their ID cards to match their beliefs.

The Indonesian government has recognized a 7th religious group called the Kepercayaan, showing that Indonesia’s ways are different than how they were before. Government leaders want to make sure that everyone’s unique identity is respected and represented in official documents.

The government also aims to make it easy for its citizens to update their ID cards to reflect changes in religion, gender, and other important markers.

Indonesia is also making a big change to ensure equal participation in democracy. Trans citizens have the right to vote in both national and local elections starting on the 14th of February. This significant milestone will bring the trans community into alignment with 95% of the population who are already equipped with a digital and physical KPT card. This reinforces the government’s commitment in creating a society where every citizen is granted equal rights and opportunities.

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