Trans YouTuber Abigail Thorn cast in second season of House of the Dragon

Abigail Thorn at the premiere of The Acolyte in the United Kingdom. Photo by Getty Images.
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Trans YouTuber, Abigail Thorn, known for her work as a writer and actor, announced on social media this Tuesday that she’ll be joining the cast of House of the Dragon in the upcoming season. Thorn will take on the exciting new role of Sharako Lohar, the commander of the Triarchy. This alliance of three “free cities” is sure to stir things up in the politically charged, dragon-ridden world of George R.R. Martin’s Westeros.

She announced on X, writing “VERY excited to announce this – I’m joining the cast of HBO’s House of the Dragon. I play Sharako Lohar – she’s the Triarchy’s new commander and you can see her in action soon!”

Abigail Thorn might be most familiar to audiences from her popular “PhilosophyTube” video essay series, but since publicly coming out as transgender in 2021, she has significantly expanded her presence in the acting world.

After her announcement, Thorn’s career soared. She not only wrote and starred in the Nebula original film The Prince last year but also voiced Nocturne, a beloved character in the hit game Baldur’s Gate 3. And that’s not all—soon, fans will see her in the role of Ensign Eurus in the upcoming Star Wars spinoff, The Acolyte.

Since coming out as transgender, Abigail Thorn has become a powerful advocate for the trans community. She’s been outspoken about the struggles trans people face, particularly in the U.K., where transphobia remains a serious issue. Thorn has openly considered leaving the country because of these challenges and has been a strong voice against online transphobia.

Her advocacy continues to shed light on these critical issues, fighting for the rights and protection of trans individuals.

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