Trans couple receives death threats after trans man partner gave birth

Diane Rodriguez and Fernando Machado (photo from
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Diane Rodriguez and Fernando Machado are a transgender couple from Ecuador. Fernando is a transgender man and delivered their biological son last June of 2016. Diane is a transgender woman and both of them haven’t had any gender reassignment surgery done at the time they met, which gives them the great opportunity to naturally create their biological son.

The couple confesses that transphobic attacks were targeting them and that they received alarming death threats from strangers after Fernando gave birth to their biological son. These death threats are getting more disturbing after receiving a threat to kill their son.

The couple is worried for the safety of their family and with the death threats arising, they spoke to the authorities and made arrangements to secure their protection. They are confident that it is coming from a few unknown people, yet they still want to make assurance that their family is safe.

On a lighter note, both of their families are very accepting and supportive of them. Although Diane’s family did not like the idea of her transitioning from male to female at first, they finally welcome them after knowing the pregnancy, and they even celebrated christmas together with her mother. Fernando’s family, originally from Venezuela, also accepts them.

Despite the death threats, nothing can stop the couple from creating a wonderful family, they are now planning to adopt children in the future.


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