‘Waking Dead’ Star Khary Payton Proudly Introduces Trans Son on Social Media

Karter Payton, photo taken from Twitter.com
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On the same day that the US Supreme Court granted protection to LGBT workers through the Civil Rights Act of 1964, a proud father also took to Twitter to introduce his transgender son to the world.

In a heartwarming post, Khary Payton who stars in “The Walking Dead” as King Ezekial, announced that his son has chosen a name for himself.

The proud father wrote, “This my kid. One of the most happy, well-adjusted individuals I’ve ever known. My son, Karter. Karter with a K because it reminded him of my name. He chose it. You see, he was born female but has always identified as a boy.

In a follow-up post, the actor said, “He thought it would be cool if I announced it on social media. I told him that there would be so many supporters but also a lot of jerks who would be harsh. He said: “Yeah, I know about trolls, daddy. I can handle trolls.

The post has received over 35k retweets and 360k likes and Payton also shared of his unquenchable love for his child.

Man, there is nothing more beautiful than watching your child feel the joy of exploring what it means to be true to themselves,” the 48-year-old wrote. “This is his journey, and I am here for it. I hope you all have the opportunity to feel the unquenchable love that I am feeling right now.

Karter’s mother also shared on her Instagram about how proud she was of Karter.

I am overjoyed to introduce you to my son, Karter. When he was born we thought he was a girl. We were mistaken. He is a boy. A smart, funny, brave, loving, magnificent boy,” she wrote. “Karter is so confident in who he is and was thrilled for me to let everyone know that he’s finally living as his true self. As a boy. As my son. As Karter.”

I am so incredibly proud of him and feel blessed every single day to be his mama.

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