Huge hate crime figures hound transgender people in UK, study shows

Hate crime affecting transgender people in UK, photo from
  • Trans people are twice as likely to be discriminated as other members of the LGBT community according to a study, LGBT in Britain: Trans Report, commissioned by LGBT-group Stonewall.
  • The police told the media that it is going to include transgender issues in hate crime training program for call handlers and frontline police.
  • While the fight for trans equality had seen incredible progress, the backlash on the media has been detrimental to mental health of trans people.
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A study conducted by an LGBT group revealed alarming report of abuse as endemic against transgender people in United Kingdom according to transgender news published by the iNews website on January 19.

The study, LGBT in Britain: Trans Report and commissioned by LGBT-group Stonewall and conducted by company YouGov, showed discrimination and hate crime directed against trans people are widespread.

More than 800 transgender and non-binary people took part of the study.

Stonewall is urging the government for a review on laws regarding hate crimes.

Attacks against transgender individuals

According to the study, two in five trans people (41 percent) and three in ten non-binary people (31 percent) reported that they experienced a hate crime or incident based on their gender identity for the last 12 months.

The number is even higher among young transgender adults between 18 and 24 years old as more than half of them (53 percent) suffered a hate crime in the past year.

Furthermore, one in eight (12 percent) reported that they were physically attacked in the workplace by a co-worker or by a customer.

They also faced discrimination as 25 percent of them felt they were discriminated against when looking for a house and 34 percent felt the same in public spaces such as cafes, restaurants, and bars.

Almost half of the respondents (48 percent) said that avoid public restrooms fearing harassment and discrimination.

In addition, two in five found healthcare professionals lacking in understanding on trans health needs.

In addition, transgender people are twice as likely to be discriminated as other members of LGBT community. The study found that one in five LGBT people experienced being the target of a hate crime.

Despite the level of violence and discrimination they faced, however, 79 percent of transgender people said that they do not report instances of hate crime out of fear of further discrimination or lack of support.

Transgender issues to be included in police hate crime training

The police told the media it was going to include transgender issues in hate crime training program.

The National Police Chief’s Council (NPCC) would push the training for frontline officers and call handlers.

“Traditionally, transphobic hate crimes have been significantly under-reported but we are working closely with trans groups to build confidence and trust in the police,” Assistant Chief Constable Julie Cooke said. Cooke is NPCC’s lead for LGBT issues. “However, there’s always more that can be done. Better knowledge is key as we continue to challenge hate and reduce the harm it causes.”

Transphobia in the media

While the fight for trans equality had seen incredible progress, the resulting backlash are causing negative effects on mental health of trans people according to Willow.

“Even just five years ago it was not safe for me to come out as trans, the pace of change has been amazing. Unfortunately, there now appears to be a backlash against that progress in the last year with hate from the media against trans increasing disturbingly in the last six months,” Willow, 40, said. “This increasing transphobia is accelerating and is causing acute anxiety in my daily life.”


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