Rupaul’s Drag Race star Farrah Moan comes out as trans

Farrah Moan is know for being the Christina Aguilera impersonator on Rupaul's Drag Race. Image lifted from Facebook.
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RuPaul’s Drag Race sensation Farrah Moan is over the moon with joy as she proudly embraces her truth by coming out as trans.

The contestant from season 9 and All Stars 4, often likened to pop icon Christina Aguilera, chose to reveal her authentic self during a heartfelt conversation on Maddy Morphosis’ Give It to Me Straight talk series. Speaking with her Drag Race sister, Farrah disclosed that her decision to transition was made almost five years ago, post her stint on the Emmy-winning TV show. She candidly shared that the reluctance to transition immediately after gaining fame was due to the intense curiosity and interest sparked by her “male-to-female transformation.”

Farrah explained, “I felt more like I was in drag with a male persona than actually doing drag. That was my breaking point. Dressing like a boy was so stressful; I resented every masculine feature my whole life.”

Her journey of self-discovery dates back to childhood, with Farrah expressing her true identity as early as 3 years old, telling her mother that she would grow up to be a woman. Drag became a sanctuary for her, the only time she felt truly at home in her body.

The decision to live authentically as a woman was made in 2019, a deeply personal choice she initially kept from her followers. Farrah admitted suppressing her trans identity due to fears of jeopardizing her career and success. Reflecting on societal perceptions, she noted, “Back in my day, the trans people that were brave enough to be open and out were very ostracized from society.”

Now living openly and authentically, Farrah, with tears in her eyes, shared that her daily anxiety has significantly decreased, and she no longer feels panicked. At 30, she expressed gratitude for embracing her true self, a journey she never thought possible.

Farrah joins a growing list of Drag Race contestants who have come out as trans, including Adore Delano and Jade Jolie. She expressed pride in her decision, highlighting the positive shift in her life.

Following her appearance on season 9 in 2017, where she finished in eighth place, Farrah graced All Stars 4 the following year, securing the ninth spot. Her encounters with idols like Aguilera and various high-profile appearances underscore her impact in the drag world.

RuPaul’s Drag Race fans can look forward to a new season starting on Jan. 5 on MTV. Exclusive interviews with the new cast are available on EW’s YouTube channel.

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