Transgender teen recalls being bullied at school at seven years old

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Kate Chooch an 18 year old transgender woman recalls her traumatising experience at her school when she was seven years old. It all happens in a swimming class where she told her schoolmates about her dream when she grows old.

“I was stood on the pool and I said, when I grow older, I want to be a girl” She narrated. The seven year old transgender kid was being honest towards her friends yet receive a very negative reaction.

“They all laughed at me and started calling me names. I said I was just joking and pushed it to the back of my mind, but it really hurt my feelings.” She continued.

Kate then decided to hide her identity for 9 long years, she did not even dare to tell her family about it because she knew that her father won’t be supportive with her.

At the age of 14 she came out as a bisexual but later came out as gay. She was very out and proud but never really felt the woman that she is. She heard about sex reassignment surgery and HRT ( hormone replacement therapy) and there she learned who she really was.

She then emotionally confessed to her mum that she is a transgender woman and surprisingly was accepted with open arms. With the outpouring support from her mom, she then came out to her friends after the school prom.

The kid who  was once bullied no happily living her life as a woman. In 2016 she started taking testosterone blocker, and planning to undergo surgeries in the future.


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