Japanese pro-wrestling legend comes out as trans man

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Pro-wrestling legend Yu Ishino, who wrestled under the name Kagetsu, came out as trans publicly and has opened up about his transition in a Youtube video. This is the first time he has opened up about his gender identity following his retirement.

In the YouTube video, Yu made his first on-camera appearance after his transition and discussed this new chapter in his life. In the video, Yu said, “I underwent the surgery and now I am living as a man … I feel like a 14-year-old boy (because everything is still so very new), but I hope moving forward, I’ll still have your support as I try new things.”

He also mentioned that his preferred pronouns were he/him. This video is the launch of his own YouTube channel where fans can keep up to date on his life.

Before his retirement, he was known as one of the greatest female pro wrestlers of his time. Yu wrestled for almost every major Japanese promotion that involved female competitors. He won multiple championships including the prestigious World of Stardom title and multiple tag team titles with former wrestling partner the late Hana Kimura.

Yu participated in international wrestling for American promotion Ring of Honor and British promotion Pro Wrestling EVE from 2018 to 2019. The wrestling legend only came out of retirement in honor of Hana Kimura’s memorial event in 2021.

He expressed his desire to leave the Kagetsu name behind in a statement: “I know how beloved the name Kagetsu is, but with this video, I would like to put that name to rest. So please use Yu Ishino from now on.”

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