Top trans dating site releases new findings on trans-related coming out experiences

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October 11, 2021, was this year’s National Coming Out Day. This annual awareness day is observed in support of LGBT individuals “coming out of the closet”. This event was first celebrated in 1988 in the United States of America, but now it’s being celebrated in other parts of the world too.

This year the top dating site for trans women My Transgender Date conducted a study with their user base (trans women and trans-oriented men) about the notable findings on their coming out experiences in light of Coming Out Day. Members of the site from all over the world were given a series of questions to answer which were all related to coming out.

In total, there were roughly over 5000 unique answers, with more than half of the respondents identifying as trans-oriented and around 35% identifying as trans women. The study was concluded with several notable findings presented below:

To check out more information on each finding, the links above will expound on each result. But for those interested on the full study, it can be accessed through the My Transgender Date blog along with other helpful trans-related topics.

The study done by the top trans dating site concluded on a positive note, highlighting the result that the coming out experience was not actually as worse as people expected it to be. Many of the participants in the study expressed that they didn’t regret coming out even when they expected the worst.

My Transgender Date’s study was limited to the site’s user base and they asked readers to take the data as it is. With researches and studies much like this one, many others are invited to analyze, discuss, and continue the conversation to better understand the LGBT community.

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