Transgender news

Rules are tougher for transgender athletes

May 30, 2018 Maki 0

Trans athletes would have a harder time competing in the Olympics and other international events as they struggle with meeting new testosterone levels. Sources from the International Olympic Committee confirmed that the maximum testosterone level […]

Transgender news

Transgender patients risk their lives buying pills online

January 24, 2018 Maki 0

There is currently a two-year waiting list on United Kingdom’s National Health Services just to get initial consultation. The delay prompted many transgender patients to buying pills illegally online. Taking hormone therapy required regular check-ups […]

Transgender news

Transgender healthcare goes online

January 20, 2018 Maki 0

Demand for transgender-healthcare far outstrips the availability of affirming, competent providers, particularly in rural and exurban areas. Transgender people are more likely to have inadequate insurance coverage and travel long distances to the healthcare providers. […]